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Vietnam is a beautiful Asian country owning many breathtaking landscapes, stunning beaches and pristine forests with diverse ecosystems. Vietnam Travel Reviews is one of the best websites offering a lot of information about destinations to visit, foods and drinks, travel tips, exciting festivals and interesting activities such as Nha Trang diving, Halong kayaking, conquering Fansipan, ect.

Foods and Drinks

Many of Hanoi’s signature dishes, such as bun dau mam tom (fermented shrimp paste with fried tofu and rice vermicelli) or oc nau chuoi dau (snail soup with green banana, fried tofu and perilla leaves), have tofu as the main ingredient.

If you're unfamiliar with Tet sticky rice cakes (banh chung and banh tet), the must-have food for Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration, chances are you may be asking, "Is it an adobe brick or doorstop wrapped in banana leaf?" At Viet delis, bakeries and grocery stores, you'll find them this week and next displayed on tables.

It's Tết, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration this week, completely with explosions, tradition and food. Want to be an intermediate-level Tet-food-eater? Here are five foods full of glutinous rice, mung beans, and banana leaves for you to try out.

Tet is all about starting out the new year correctly. That means cleaning and decorating your house, paying off your debts, paying respects to your family and friends and most importantly — eating well. In Vietnamese, you can say "an Tet" to literally denote eating Tet.

Vietnamese people use fish as the main dish in their meals. Fish and its processing has been being an indispensable part of these locals’ cuisine as they usually say “rice and fish like mom and her child”.

Nature has particularly bounteous in the southern province of Hau Giang, providing water loaded with minerals that is home to the most delicious thac lac fish (clown knife fish) compared with other regions in the country. The flesh is fragrant, firm and crisp-skinned.

Travel Guide

Tam Dao is always a place where visitors enjoy the country of fog. Resorts in Tam Dao are highly rated by tourists and vacationers.

The queue in front of me spills out onto the street. Families with young children, couples and twenty-something backpackers crane their necks in anticipation as they edge closer to what they all have separately searched out to find: the best pork roll in Vietnam.

Ninh Binh is Northern province near to Hanoi capital. Ninh Binh Province is blessed a lot of wonderful landscapes by nature like Cuc Phuong National Park. Ninh Binh is an attractive destination for tourists when traveling in Vietnam.

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Located near Halong Bay and Cat Ba island, Lan Ha attracts visitors by the aesthetic value of 400 islands of all sizes with a...

Located in Bat Xat district in Lao Cai province, and covered by clouds throughout the year, Y Ti is one of the most remote communes in Northern Vietnam.

Do you think markets are noisy, with too much hustle and hustle? Do you dislike them? If you have these thoughts, explore some well-known night markets below. You will surely find a place to visit.
Dai Thanh islet

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Hoang Su Phi in ripen rice season

In late September, early October, if having the opportunity to Hoang Su Phi, visitors will admire the spectacular natural scenery and stunning scenery of...